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The Jamii Project 

Supporting, Engaging & Developing young people for the future


Jamii is our family

We love young people and want to see them reach their potential. 

After volunteering as youth workers in Lewisham and Wandsworth we could see the gap between youth services, work and school.

We aim to bridge the gap by taking referrals from other charities, schools and CAMHS by offering a nurturing environment that meets students where they are assessing their individual needs.

We work with people with a range of additional needs from Autism Spectrum Disorder, Mental Health Needs and physical challenges such as Muscular Dystrophy.  We assess all participants individually working with schools and families to make this a special time for them.


Sam Fennell

Project manager 

"I love seeing the changes in our young people as their confidence grows, they develop new skills and reach their full potential"


Zoe Blackmur 


"Working at Jamii is so much more than a job, it's a family, a community. I loved not only what the project did and still does but also how it supported the community. 

I loved getting to know our regulars and providing a place for them to work, or a safe space for mum venturing out for the first time with their new-borns. 

Everyday was different and i love the challenges and laughter that it brought, seeing the young people who worked their grow and learn new skills, was such as honour 


Working at Jamii really did change my life"


Lois Robinson 

Lead Youth co-ordinator 

"My Jamii Cafe, where else can you get delicious coffee, beautiful homemade cakes and planet saving  zero waste products whilst also changing the lives of young people in our community?

These are some of the reasons why i love working at My Jamii Cafe.

Our new training centre will enable many young people to achieve qualifications, skills and experience to help them reach their goals"

Non profit social enterprise

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